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"From Central Scotland, south through England, London & Paris to the sunny south of France."

Since we first started making Travel Films (at the turn of the Century), we have been fascinated by Stone and the stories stone can tell us about historical lives and times. Very often the stories are myths and legends which have evolved to explain the unexplainable. Ghost stories perhaps, invented to account for strange noises or sudden light gusts of cold air. In our earliest film on Britain, we visited Stonehenge, the largest and most notable, and most visited, circle of monoliths in the country. Since then we have been awed by the sheer number of similar, if smaller and more obscure, sites, throughout Europe. Each site has a story to tell; some have several conflicting legends attached. The film, "Etched in Stone." reveals many cases of history written in stone, starting with the Stone Age and bringing us right up to the present day. The voyage is one of discovery, so follow us as we set out from the brisk and breezy shores of Scotland and end our journey on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean.

Monty and Marsha Brown - England's West CountryFilm Makers at Work:at Conisboro in Yorkshire. A favourite castle of Sir Walter Scott.

Testimonial from Deryck, of Coventry England, who purchased several copies of It's Great! Britain on the internet. September, 2007.

Dear Monty

Just to let you know that the parcel arrived this morning - with a comfortable week to spare ahead of our departure. And to say also that we are very pleased with the contents of your film. The DVDs are intended as gifts for close members of my family who, like you it seems, have their origins here but have lived most of their lives in the US. The idea is simply to awaken memories, or to forge new links. In making your film you could only make an impossibly small selection of places to visit, but as it happens your choice well met the bill.

We all know London, our son was married in an area of Suffolk that you display, my wife and I have visited Lindisfarne, and spent a recent holiday walking the length of Hadrians Wall; as children I and my sisters had seaside holidays at Presytatyn, we took my Mother on a tour of Exmoor on her very last return trip to England before she died (she was utterly delighted by it), and we've done some splendid walking in Hardy country. So you see - spot on!

You must return some day and do another, perhaps this time visiting the Highlands of Scotland, doing a bit more of Wales (the wonderful Snowdon Mountain range and the glorious Pembrokeshire coast), and of course our beloved Lake District. But again many thanks.

Stonehenge, etc.


 Stonehenge would certainly be the poster cluster of any film about megaliths in history. Though, in fact we have chosen the horse in the caves at Lascaux, SW France (below.) We noticed many more stone rows and stone circles, Roman remnants and some events, like the Trooping the Colour in London, which are simply so traditional that they might as well be cut in stone.


Two Photos
The two photos (left and below left) show the range of architectural treasures to be found in the trail we have followed. West Country. In the photo at left we spy a family portrait: three Yorkshiremen in the midst of their county, showing us one of their great castles. There are many stories to tell in this stone fortress, and the novelist Sir Walter Scott told one of them in "Ivanhoe."

In the lower frame, below, Monty is looking for something to train his lens on. And since this is in the city of York, there are going to be many choices. In the background is the superb Yorkminster Cathedral.