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Louisiana Video Clips
Goodbye Bayou: The opening video for the film, "Hello Louisiana," scenes to the tune, "Goodbye Bayou," written by Monty & Marsha while they were in France, feeling nostalgic for home.
Mudbugs and Zydeco: Thomas "Big Hat" Fields and his zydeco band (his wife plays bass) play their hit, "Country Woman," at the annual Mudbug Festival in Shreveport, La. What is a 'mudbug?' Have a look at the video.
Dancing Cajun: an introduction to Cajun culture through the song "Dancing Cajun," written by Monty & Marsha.
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Monty and Marsha Brown - La Belle FranceLa Belle France
A musical look at one of the most romantic countries of the world - La Belle France! Beautiful France! We carried a camera on our annual musical tour of France and this is the result. The great impresario of Omaha, Nebraska, Dick Walter who's been putting on travel films for decades, deemed it: "As good a travelogue as my audience has ever enjoyed."And that's just for starters, as they say in England.

We keep coming back to Mont St. Michel. (Bottom Left). It is such a magical place, overrun by tourists and yet strangely accessible. We stay at a campground on the mainland, and walk across the roadway to the Mont. The French say they will eventually get rid of the permanent causeway and let the tide come swirling in again, all round the island. We've featured the Mont in two of our films, now: "La Belle France" and "La Manche/The English Channel." It's hard to ignore it.

Monty and Marsha Brown - La Belle FranceMonty and Marsha Brown - La Belle France

Monty and Marsha Brown - La Belle France

(RIGHT) Monty, about to present "La Belle France in Kearney, NE, January, 2012. Nebraska and France just seem to connect!

Below: we came upon the Roger Morand Cajun Band, a French group, playing at the Country Roque Festival in La Roque d'Antheron in Provence. They seem pretty natural with Cajun music. To see them on You Tube, click the link below for our videos.

Click here for You Tube

Dear Monty & Marsha,

I just added a new review to this older, free video of yours on Amazon Prime. What a jewel! I had my Kindle Fire HD hooked to my large 50” diagonal TV screen, and the it looked pretty great. Not real HD, but very clear and enjoyable.

I sat mesmerized  the entire time

                                    Thanks again,,

                                          Julie A. Chambers

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Monty and Marsha Brown - It's Great! BritainIt's Great! Britain
A great place to visit for history. See rambling castles and picturesque ruins, old inns and monasteries, prehistoric tombs, stone circles, and giant white horses cut into limestone hillsides.

Hear the great! stories that go hand in hand with the sights: stories about Robin Hood, the Black Dog, the Lord Protector, the Great Fire of London, Hadrian's Wall, and the Cerne Giant. And meet writers like Thomas Hardy, Robbie Burns and the legendary Lawrence of Arabia.

As you might expect from a film by wandering minstrels, there will be great British folk music at pubs in Somerset, and a Country and Western festival in Wales.

Your trip to Britain will be guided by Monty, (a genuine great Brit), who will introduce you to His Family and Other Animals all over England and bits of Scotland and Wales and in case you have trouble with the language, Marsha will be on hand to translate.

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Hello Louisiana
It's Always a Special Event when we show "Hello Louisiana!"
Join us for a trip around our exotic state, where the Caribbean meets the Old South; where the Red River meets the mighty Mississippi; where French and Spanish met at No Man's Land in the early 1700's. This steaming land of cotton and sugar cane; this heady brew of music and cuisine which continues to delight and amaze the whole world. It's cypress trees and Spanish moss and poetry. It's also hurricanes and floods washing away levees and oil companies damaging our natural resources. Our film, though, is about Eternal Louisiana, the people and the culture that struggle on from century to century. We present "Hello! Louisiana" with a live narration, Mardi Gras beads AND whenever possible, a Louisiana-themed meal. It's a very special cinematic event.

This film was shown, in its 80-minute entirety, on Louisiana Public Television (PBS) on the Sunday before Mardi Gras, 2007. To view a scene from Hello Louisiana, go to Louisiana Video Clips and click on any of them. Much of the music in this film is available on the CDs "Dancing Cajun" and "Going Back to Shreveport" by Monty & Marsha Brown. Contact us.

from "Louisiana Life" magazine, Summer 2007

Monty and Marsha Brown - Hello LouisianaHello Louisiana

It is sometimes said that your reflection is best seen though another pair of eyes. When it comes to Louisiana and all it has to offer, that adage proves especially true for Monty and Marsha Brown of Bossier City. Monty, a native of England, and Marsha, from upstate New York, love Louisiana. They love it so much they've written and produced a film about their adopted state just so others can understand all they have come to appreciate. ... says Marsha Brown. "'It is informative and humorous and fun. You can't help but tap your toes and you can't help but learn about Louisiana." For instance, you'll learn about North Louisiana's best known musical icon, Huddie Ledbetter.

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