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Below: at a folk festival in Provence
Monty and Marsha Brown
All our travel films (see below) can be purchased for $20 each + $3.00 s&h.
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Forever France & La Manche/English Channel

England's West Country

Wales: Land of Song

Etched in Stone

It's Great! Britain & La Belle France & Hello Louisiana

The Missions of Father Serra

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Monty & Marsha live at the Green Dragon 13 Gospel Songs CD $10.00 + $2.50 s&h
Monty and Marsha Brown - Green Dragon Gospel

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"Goodbye Bayou" on right
"Would You Fly" below right
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Compulsive Traveler
Shreveport Sounds in Black & White

Book on Ark-La-Tex musical history including Jesse Thomas, James Burton, Leadbelly, Hank and Elvis, and my article on the Grigg family band from Bienville Parish.

"Would You Fly? (The Bonnie & Clyde Song)" True story: Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow went on a crime spree across several southern and mid-western states. After they stole a Ford in Kansas City in early 1934 they ended up in North Louisiana where they had a relatively safe place to stay.

They did no robbing and killing in Louisiana but, ironically, that's where the Law tracked them down – and ambushed them — on a dusty country road in May, 1934.

The black and white images that accompany the song were taken mostly by the lawmen involved in the gunning down of the outlaw couple, the couple themselves, or other members of the Bonnie & Clyde Gang. The color videography is from our musical travel feature, "Hello Louisiana."

Louisiana Folk Music

If you want to know more about the folk music and blues of Louisiana, Leadbelly & Jesse "Baby Face" Thomas, this is the place to begin. Connect to our Leadbelly (Mister Huddie) blog and discover more than you would ever need to know. This is also the original home of the Public Radio show, "Cajun Christmas," which broadcasts each year on Red River Radio out of Shreveport, Louisiana.


Monty and Marsha


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For travel film bookings, contact:
Ralph Franklin

(818) 601-5963


M&M - With Revel crowd

Monty & Marsha Brown

Monty and Marsha - Wales Cap & Dragon

 Above L: Just back from Wales. R:at the Red River Revel last October.

Our summer project (2017) is over: we visited most of the Caddo Parish (Louisiana) libraries in June.

Check with your local library next summer (2018) and be sure to join us. We'll be back. It's free and it's fun! 

Our folk music program is a fun, factual, frolicking, hands-on good time for audiences of any age. You'll be invited to clap along, sing along, dance along, and even learn to play the 'ti-fer and rub-board as you learn about the music of our unique state. This is it, Cher! It's Leadbelly, Jimmie Davis, it's zydeco, Cajun, blues and it's jazz. And, if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!

Many thanks to Richard Folmar and his traveling troupe THEATER ECLECTIC: this where one (or two, in our case) of Richard's trained seals, er, performers, go out into the world and put on a show. Often these performers do the old "one man show" routine, impersonating an historical figure of some importance (e.g. Lincoln, Churchill) but we play ourselves, singing ambassadors of Louisiana music.

The other day we went to play at the Alzheimer's wing of the Veteran's Home on the Parkway in Bossier. It's a heartwarming gig as they go from close to comatose or lethargic to aware. It's Song Therapy with rhythm instruments for those that want  to participate.

Friday the 12th of May, yes 2017, we played for a bunch of those lively Red Hats in Bossier.

And in October, we'll return to the Red River Revel.

Goodbye Bayou

Monty: Born in Doncaster, England, raised and educated In Victoria and Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Studied some theatre at the University of B.C. and began a career as an actor with Holiday Theater and a Larry Kent film, "Bitter Ash," Returned to England. studied acting at the Joan Littlewood-inspired Stratford East (London) Theatre School, worked in several repertory theatres and two London West End productions. Beginning in 1966, worked as an assistant floor manager at BBC television Drama Series. Shows included "Softly, Softly," "TheTrouble-shooters," and "Sherlock Holmes." In 1972, moved to New York to take up a career in song writing and musical performance.

Marsha: born and raised in Upstate New York, has written many songs together with Monty, including two - "Would You Fly?" and "Cajun Christmas" - which were used in the popular movie 'Steel Magnolias.' Both these songs are on the second CD, "Dancing Cajun." M&M both spent over a year working for the Louisiana Folklife Center at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, La.; produced the music and handled the publicity for the 1989 Folk Festival. While at NSU, (Monty) wrote a thesis on the Louisiana folk legend Leadbelly, and earned a Masters Degree in English/Ethnology.

"Green Dragon Gospel"

Our latest recording project is a Gospel Music album. We taped it "Live" at the Green Dragon pub in the little old town of Bungay on the River Waveney which divides Suffolk from Norfolk in England. It turned out to be a perfect location for the project: a lively appreciative audience in a town that knows its religion. This is where a furious Black Dog attacked the St. Mary's Church congregation one Sunday morning in the 14th Century.

The town has never forgotten. Preachers beware: if you don't want the Black Dog to return and ravage, be straight with your followers. We heeded this advice and, with our good friend Rod Maclane on electric guitar, provided an honest yet stirring evening of music. Songs include "I'll Fly Away," "Just a Closer Walk With Thee," "The Unicorn," "The Wings of a Dove," "Why Me, Lord?" and eight more popular favorites. The CD can be ordered through this website for $12.50, which includes postage and handling. It's guaranteed to please. Mastered right here in Bossier City, La, by Charles Smith at Red River Studios.Listen here to "Do Lord," an old-fashioned gospel sing-along.

Going Back to Shreveport

Monty and Marsha Brown - ShreveportBack to Shreveport, Louisiana, where Marsha organized the regional Film Commission, which attracts Hollywood to the Bayou country. She became the first Executive Director of the Commission. Shreveport has since become a major location for Hollywood filmmakers. "Mr. Brooks," and " The Great Debaters,"are a couple of major films shot here. ( OK, so our films haven't won any awards, yet.) Meanwhile, Monty was announcer and Arts Producer for regional Public Radio in Shreveport, producing the weekly " Louisiana Folk Music " program as well as many live concerts and radio articles on the Arts. In 1989 he devised a regional program, "Cajun Christmas," which features comments and stories by South Louisiana folks, as well as Cajun bands playing Christmas music. The program is an annual holiday feature on Red River Radio. "Cajun Christmas" has been broadcast on Public Radio stations across the United States and beamed all over Europe.

Our first CD, "Going Back to Shreveport," features comic songs, country/folk originals and the ever popular "Natchitoches Waltz." cost from our website is $12, postage paid.

The second album, " Dancing Cajun," is strongly South Louisiana with the late, great Monty and Marsha Brown - LaCahootsCajun fiddler  Rufus Thibodeau, and several accordionists (incl. Nunc Allie Young) playing along on traditional Cajun tunes and original Louisiana stories. Email for either CD: cost is $12, postage paid. Or, listen and buy online at Tunecore.

In 1994, we moved to Provence, France, living at a chateau near Lambesc for a year, and spent the following year travelling through France and Great Britain playing music. We return to Europe almost every year to play at cafes, clubs, pubs and festivals, and to film our adventures. We are based in Louisiana where we still perform music regularly in schools, libraries and clubs, and at festivals, fairs, green markets and farmer's markets.

Travelogue: What's That? What's Next?

At the turn of the century, (i.e. the year 2000), with the encouragement of career traveloggers Sandy Mortimer and Dale Johnson, We filmed the sights and sounds of our annual musical tour de France, from the chilly Normandy beaches to the sun-baked Mediterranean shore. The film, La Belle France, was first booked on the Travel Film circuit in 2003, and our new career was off and running! See list of Travel Films with links to their pages in the yellow column on the left.

Hello Louisiana, is about our home state. Billed as a musical travel film, it is based on a program performed for Louisiana schools: a trip around the state accompanied by the rhythms of country, gospel, blues, jazz, zydeco and Cajun music. These travelogues, or travel films, are created to transport and entertain a live audience. They are about 80 minutes in length; include an onstage introduction, a question and answer period with the filmmakers; they include music and humor and a good deal of geographical and historical information. They are digital video presentations in theaters and auditoriums from Maine to California, Florida to Washington, and many places in the heartland of America and Canada. They can be booked by groups and organizations. Picture on the right, above, shows us playing our Louisiana Music show for children at the Red River Revel.

Contact Ralph Franklin (look left) for film booking information.

      We have completed The Missions of Father Serra, a 37 minute DVD which tells the story of the original nine California missions, from San Diego to San Francisco, which were established by the Franciscan monk, Junipero Serra. One of our favorite evenings ever was showing this film to a group of retired nuns in Rochester, Minnesota.

In 2005, the Travel Adventure Cinema Society awarded us the "Rising Star" trophy, given to new artists in the travelogue field whose work is appreciated by Presenters and their audiences.

We're taking some dates for Travel Films next season. January 23rd, 2018, we'll be in Panama City, FL, to show "Hello Louisiana" for the Audubon Society.

Monday, March 5th we're booked with "Forever France" on the other coast at El Camino College, Los Angeles, and Friday the 9th we'll be down by San Diego at Rancho Bernardo. 

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